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Mar 20, 2023 - The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration's (SAMHSA) Advisory Committee for Women's Services (ACWS) will hold a virtual public meeting on April 25, 2023, from 9:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. Eastern. Agenda items include a discussion on assessing current SAMHSA strategies to address the mental health and substance use needs of women and girls, priorities regarding the impact of COVID-19 on the behavioral health needs of women and children, and directions around behavioral health services and access for women and children. Registration is required to attend.
Source: Federal Register
Mar 20, 2023 - The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration's (SAMHSA) Center for Mental Health Services National Advisory Council (CMHS NAC) will hold a virtual public meeting on April 25, 2023. Agenda items include updates from the SAMHSA CMHS director and discussions on Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinics, school based mental health services, the Mental Health Block Grant, Black youth suicide prevention activities, and a discussion on CMHS/SAMHSA Response to Disasters.
Source: Federal Register
Mar 19, 2023 - Tribal leaders in the Cherokee Nation say $100 million won from Big Pharma in opioid settlements will help their community heal from decades of addiction. Over the next five years, the tribe plans to roll out a total of $75 million in new treatment facilities. The remainder will go toward the costs of running these sites as well as a scholarship fund.
Source: WHQR Public Media
Mar 17, 2023 - Oregon's coastal and rural communities have higher rates of "deaths of despair," such as overdoses, alcohol-related deaths and suicides, compared with the more urban parts of the state. Oregon State University's Coast to Forest initiative helps people learn how to recognize signs and symptoms of mental health distress and how to respond.
Source: OPB
Mar 13, 2023 - Leaders in the Van Far R1 School District in Audrain County, Missouri are trying to help lessen the mental health crisis by prioritizing students' mental health in the classroom. College students studying counseling complete lab hours at the schools, and telehealth resources are also used.
Source: KOMU
Mar 10, 2023 - The U.S. Census Bureau is allowing an additional 30 days to comment on the National Survey of Children's Health (NSCH) which is designed to collect data on the physical and emotional health of children age 18 and younger, including information related to access to healthcare, family interactions, and school and after-school experiences, among other things. Comments are due within 30 days of this notice.
Source: Federal Register
Mar 7, 2023 - Leaders in rural Transylvania County, North Carolina are supporting the county's home-based childcare providers through a network that connects and educates the relatives and neighbors taking care of the community's children and provides assistance to those who want to become licensed childcare providers in their own homes.
Source: The Daily Yonder
Mar 6, 2023 - Researchers at the University of Oklahoma have received a five-year $5.6 million grant which will pay for counselors, social workers, and behavior analysts to attend graduate school, as well as cover fees and costs in the program. Graduates agree to serve two years in a rural, high-need school for every year they received program funding.
Source: The Daily Yonder
Mar 2, 2023 - Provides brief summaries of recent Health Resources & Services Administration (HRSA) highlights and news from the HRSA regions, including the role of the Teaching Health Center Graduate Medical Education program, the initiative to improve access to cancer screenings in underserved communities, the National Rural Health Association's annual policy conference, advancing health equity among Hispanic and Latino populations, and programs to support health workforce training, recruitment, retention, and development in Missouri.
Source: Health Resources & Services Administration
Mar 1, 2023 - Announces a new round of funding which provides digital services for students in communities across the country. This funding supports applications benefiting approximately 190,000 students in California, Florida, Maine, Oklahoma, Washington, and Wisconsin. The funding can be used to support off-campus learning, such as nightly homework.
Source: Federal Communications Commission
Mar 1, 2023 - In 2022 Montana mandated that schools test for lead content in water, and so far 74% of schools that submitted samples found at least one faucet or drinking fountain with high lead levels. The 2021 federal infrastructure bill was designed to help fund the replacement of lead pipes in schools, but as of mid-February states were still waiting to hear how much infrastructure money they will receive, and when.
Source: Chalkbeat
Feb 28, 2023 - The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) Advisory Committee on HIV, Viral Hepatitis and STD Prevention and Treatment (CHAC) will hold a virtual public meeting on November 1-3, 2022. Agenda items include discussions related to sexual health, equitable scale-up of interventions, mpox, and youth and STD testing.
Source: Federal Register
Feb 23, 2023 - Notice of proposed rule from the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Food and Nutrition Service (FNS) proposing to remove barriers to online ordering and internet-based transactions in the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC), which is expected to improve the WIC shopping experience while increasing equity and access to nutritious foods for WIC participants. The proposed rule also complements the program's transition to electronic benefit transfer (EBT) by streamlining and modernizing certain WIC food delivery regulations to support current technology and future innovation. Comments are by May 24, 2023.
Source: Federal Register
Feb 21, 2023 - Notice from the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Food and Nutrition Service (FNS) announcing the adjusted income eligibility guidelines for States to use to determine the income eligibility of applicants to the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC). These guidelines are applicable July 1, 2023, through June 30, 2024.
Source: Federal Register
Feb 17, 2023 - Montana governor Gov. Greg Gianforte announced a $2.1 million grant to the Rural Behavioral Health Institute to provide free optional mental health and substance abuse screenings for all schools statewide and same-day care for students flagged as being at high risk for suicide. The money will come from the Governor's Emergency Education Relief Grant program, funded by federal COVID relief aid.
Source: Kaiser Health News
Feb 17, 2023 - The Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) is seeking comments on revisions to an information collection request related to the Healthy Start Program. The data will be used to conduct ongoing performance monitoring of the program, thus meeting program needs for accountability, programmatic decision-making, and ongoing quality assurance. Proposed changes include the correction of typos, the addition of response options, and the clarification of instructions. Comments are due by March 20, 2023.
Source: Federal Register
Feb 14, 2023 - Simply Smiles Children's Village on the Cheyenne River Reservation in La Plant, South Dakota provides Indigenous foster care by keeping children in their tribal community instead of placing them in foster families away from the reservation. Cultural programming and mental health services are provided by hired trained professionals who care for the children in a village setting.
Source: Kaiser Health News
Feb 9, 2023 - Notice from the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Food and Nutrition Service (FNS) announcing the adjusted income eligibility guidelines for free and reduced-price meals and free milk through the National School Lunch Program (and Commodity School Program), School Breakfast Program, Special Milk Program for Children, Child and Adult Care Food Program, and Summer Food Service Program. These guidelines are applicable from July 1, 2023, through June 30, 2024.
Source: Federal Register
Feb 9, 2023 - The Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) will hold a virtual public meeting of the Advisory Committee on Infant and Maternal Mortality (ACIMM) on March 20-21, 2023. Agenda items are being finalized but may include an update on recommendations to improve birth outcomes among American Indian and Alaska Native mothers and infants; a discussion to determine new and continuing priority areas for the Committee; federal updates; and Committee operations. The webinar link and log-in information will be available at the ACIMM website before the meeting. Requests for public comment should be sent via email to
Source: Federal Register
Feb 9, 2023 - A University of Oklahoma program will pay tuition for educators who want to provide mental health services for students, using funds from a $5.6 million grant. Over the next five years the grant will be used to train 64 future mental health professionals who already serve in rural schools.
Source: News9
Feb 9, 2023 - Highlights the work of the Chiricahua Community Health Centers in rural Arizona to increase vaccination rates and improve access to other health services. Approaches include offering childhood immunizations at dental clinics, adding more walk-in hours at health clinics, and reaching farmworkers with mobile medical and dental clinics.
Source: Arizona Republic
Feb 1, 2023 - Announces that the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is committing over $30 million in new funding to provide digital services for approximately 75,000 students across the country, including students in Colorado, Florida, Idaho, Nebraska, New Jersey, and Nevada. This funding can be used to support off-campus learning, such as homework.
Source: Federal Communications Commission
Jan 31, 2023 - Announces that the New York State Education Department is accepting applications for the 2023 Summer Food Service Program, open to schools, government agencies, nonprofit groups, faith-based organizations, Indian tribal territories, migrant programs, and camps. Last year, 470 organizations served meals to young people at more than 2,500 locations across the state.
Source: New York State Education Department
Jan 31, 2023 - The University of Kansas Area Health Education Center (AHEC) organizes events for teens across the state to promote health care careers. In 2022 there was record-setting participation in events such as Women in Health Care, in which junior and senior female high school students had opportunity to interact with students and faculty from KU Medical Center in Kansas City, Kansas.
Source: KU Medical Center
Jan 30, 2023 - Highlights two programs on the Cherokee Nation reservation: a domestic violence shelter that provides a variety of the victim services, and the Cherokee Nation Harm Reduction Program, which offers syringe services to reduce drug use and keep clients healthier by preventing the transmission of blood-borne infections.
Source: The Daily Yonder
Jan 26, 2023 - The Teachers and Parents as Partners program trains school psychologists and other specialists to encourage communication between parents and educators, to help solve children's behavioral and academic challenges. The project is in the midst of a five-year research project to create an online version designed specifically to help rural districts.
Source: NewsNation
Jan 19, 2023 - Notice from the Food and Nutrition Service (FNS) making corrections to the January 6, 2023 notice announcing the annual adjustments to reimbursement rates for the Summer Food Service Program for Children.
Source: Federal Register