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News by Topic: Injuries

Feb 13, 2024 - An Indiana rural emergency medical service crew is now carrying whole blood to administer in the field as a pilot project. Notes long transport times to a trauma hospital means worse patient survival rates. Blood transfusions in the field are expected to improve these rates.
Source: WISH
Jan 26, 2024 - Discusses the rate of dog bite related injuries and deaths increasing in California. Notes that injuries are more common in rural areas due to less socialization and higher rates of dog ownership. Includes county-level data showing emergency room visits for dog bites.
Source: KFF Health News
Dec 29, 2023 - Highlights specialized trauma training for rural healthcare providers who can offer stabilizing healthcare for residents needing higher levels of care in far away healthcare facilities. Discusses the rise in gun injuries and outcome disparities for rural and urban patients, noting that mass casualty events and smaller staff sizes in particular can overwhelm healthcare facilities.
Source: NBC News