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Rural Health Information Hub

Jan 24, 2018

Young Rural Healthcare Leaders Share Experiences and Insights

photo of people collaborating at a tableFrom strategic planning to board relations to nuanced business decision-making, the list of skills for Critical Access Hospital executives is extensive. We interviewed three Critical Access Hospital CEOs and a chief nursing officer – all under age 40. These leaders tell stories about mindfulness around community needs bringing unanticipated financial health to their organization. They share experiences of aligning with competitors, resulting in a “W” for both sides. They tell of “gut decisions” gone right. Lastly, acknowledging that the CAH will perpetually struggle to exist, they provide advice for others interested in the rural hospital's “C-suite.”

Benjamin Anderson, CEO of Kearny County Hospital
Q&A with Benjamin Anderson

CEO, Kearny County Hospital, Lakin, Kansas

Benjamin Anderson discloses his relational style of healthcare leadership and his success attracting committed medical providers and engaging the area's growing refugee population.

Melissa Kelly, CEO and CFO, Pender Community Hospital
Q&A with Melissa Kelly

CEO and CFO, Pender Community Hospital, Pender, Nebraska

Melissa Kelly discusses adding child care and restoring retail pharmacy to her community and encourages others to take advantage of rural healthcare resources.

Stephanie Orr, Chief Nursing Officer (CNO), Steele Memorial Medical Center
Q&A with Stephanie Orr

Chief Nursing Officer (CNO), Steele Memorial Medical Center, Salmon, Idaho

Stephanie Orr shares what it's like to become a leader much sooner than planned and emphasizes the importance of working the front lines.

Adam Willmann, CEO and President, Goodall-Witcher Hospital Authority
Q&A with Adam Willmann

CEO and President, Goodall-Witcher Hospital Authority, Clifton, Texas

Adam Willmann talks about the importance of bringing change as an innovation to the hospital of his birth.