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Rural Health Information Hub

Media Starting Points

Find out how members of the media can use RHIhub to research issues impacting rural communities.

Insights on Rural Issues

The Topic Guides introduce current and ongoing concerns related to rural healthcare delivery and population health. Here you can find a starting point for all the information on RHIhub on each of the over 50 topics — an overview of key concerns informed by expert reviewers, along with publications, websites, news, organizations, and more from a wide range of federal agencies, national organizations, and other reputable sources.

The Case Studies & Conversations section shares insights from rural programs and leaders, including feature stories, podcast episodes, videos, and more.

The Online Library’s Resources collection provides access to reports, websites, videos, podcasts, and more from government agencies, research organizations, nonprofits, and others with an interest in rural health.

Updates & Alerts — a weekly email newsletter, customizable email alerts, and RSS feeds — can keep you current on the latest rural publications, news, and more.

For additional insights on specific topics, a list of currently funded Federal Office of Rural Health Policy Rural Health Research Centers, along with their areas of expertise, is available via the Rural Health Research Gateway.

Rural Data

Access a wide range of data on rural health issues in the Rural Data Explorer, Chart Gallery, and Maps.

For more data sources and in-depth information about rural data use, see the Finding Statistics and Data Related to Rural Health topic guide and its companion Data Sources & Tools Relevant to Rural Health.

Resource and Referral Service

RHIhub can help reporters find experts on a wide variety of topics that impact rural healthcare and population health, at the national and state level. Contact with details about your area of interest, geographic focus, and deadline. This service is staffed Monday-Friday from 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Central.