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Module 3: Training Approaches

Training for community health workers (CHWs) tend to come from local and regional efforts, CHWs or CHW organizations. Among these are state and local health agencies, service provider professionals and organizations, community-based organizations and other voluntary associations and health advocacy groups, academic and education centers, and other categories of interested parties.

CHW training can be approached differently depending on a program's perspective:

  • Healthcare systems perspective
    Allows for a broader and more strategically controlled access to health services and better quality of care assurance
  • Community perspective
    Translates into access to new healthcare resources and points of service, as well as enhanced recognition of CHWs as valuable community human capital
  • CHW perspective
    Validates the value of the work of CHWs, provides greater opportunities for reimbursement of CHW services, equips them with greater community building capacity, and offers opportunity for personal growth

In this module: