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Rural Health Information Hub

Delta Health Alliance

  • Project Title: The Delta Community Health Worker Program
  • Grant Period: 5/1/2010-4/30/2011
  • Program Representative Interviewed: Karen C Fox, PhD, President and Chief Executive Officer
  • Location: Stoneville, Mississippi
  • Program Overview: This program, from Delta Health Alliance, utilized community health workers (CHWs) to improve health outcomes for community health center patients who were diagnosed with diabetes, cardiovascular disease, or hypertension. CHWs coordinated available resources for patients, including follow-up and referral processes; arranged for transportation assistance; enrolled patients in benefits programs; provided health education to patients, groups, and families; ensured patients received appropriate medical care and had a medical home; assisted families in developing necessary skills and resources to improve health status, family functioning, self-sufficiency; and worked with local pharmacists to improve medication management and compliance.

Models represented by this program: