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Rural Health Information Hub

Kodiak Island Health Care Foundation

  • Grant Period: 9/3/09 – 4/30/12
  • Program Representative Interviewed: Ms. Brenda S. Friend, Executive Director
  • Location: Kodiak, Alaska
  • Program Overview: The Kodiak Community Health Center (KCHC) is increasing access to healthcare for underserved populations on Kodiak Island. The target population includes seniors, homeless individuals, workers, and residents of Cannery Row (fisherman, fish and seafood processing employees, warehouse workers, and small businesses) and the surrounding area of Boat Harbor. KCHC recruited, interviewed, hired, and oriented outreach registered nurses (RNs) to conduct outreach and provide health education services. Outreach RNs must speak Tagalog. Along with a medical team, the outreach RNs can also provide some direct health services.

Models represented by this program: