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Community Health Worker Compensation

Community health workers (CHWs) may receive compensation for their services. Health departments, hospitals, healthcare organizations, and other entities that hire CHWs may pay them on an hourly basis or as a full-time employee with benefits. CHW programs typically base compensation on local wages for similar workers. Adequate compensation for CHWs will contribute to their recruitment and retention.

Some states also permit reimbursement for CHW services through Medicaid. These reimbursement models include, but are not limited to:

  • Payment for preventive healthcare recommended by a licensed healthcare professional
  • Direct reimbursement by designating CHWs as billable providers
  • A capitated model in which Medicaid pays a pre-specified amount to entities that employ CHWs
  • Center for Medicaid and CHIP Services (CMCS) funding for Medicaid operating costs applied to services provided by CHWs

Volunteer CHWs may be compensated for their participation through incentives such as gift certificates or reimbursement for travel. Some programs require CHWs to maintain an independent tracking log to record information such as the number of outreach visits and mileage per visit. That information is then used to determine the appropriate incentive or reimbursement.

Resources to Learn More

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Organization(s): National Health Care Council for the Homeless
Date: 8/2011

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Identifies initiatives and progress made by various states around the US related to funding mechanisms for CHW positions.
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Organization(s): Yale School of Public Health, Southwestern Area Health Education Center (SWAHEC), Inc.
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Funding CHW Programs and Services in Minnesota: Looking to the Future
Focus on funding and issue areas for community health worker programs and services in Minnesota.
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Organization(s): National Fund for Medical Education, UCSF Center for Health Professions
Date: 2006

Community Health Workers (CHWs)
Provides enrollment criteria, CHW services covered, billing information, and additional resources for reimbursement.
Organization(s): Minnesota Department of Health and Human Services