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Dissemination Methods

Many community health worker (CHW) programs have incorporated dissemination into their program planning. The goal is to share knowledge and information on program implementation, sustainability, and evaluation. Sharing best practices can help other CHW programs to be successful. It also helps improve the program's chances of long-term sustainability.

It is important to consider the target audience when developing a plan to disseminate information about the CHW program. For example, flyers or handouts can be useful to share at a regional meeting or conference, but they may not be a good way to share information with a funder who is interested in learning more about program outcomes. It is also important to consider who will be a trusted messenger for the information being disseminated. For example, a former program participant or patient may be able to share a compelling and meaningful story about their experience with the program, which would convey the value they see in the program easier than written reports.

Common methods for sharing and disseminating information on CHW programs includes:

  • Participation at local, state, or national conferences and workshops
  • Publications
  • Presentations at provider or hospital staff meetings
  • Social media
  • Virtual meetings such as webinars, teleconferences, and expert panels
  • Local, state, or national peer network groups
  • Community outreach activities
  • Word of mouth

Resources to Learn More

Dissemination of Rural Health Research: A Toolkit
Outlines the process of communicating research findings to a targeted audience. Provides general guidelines, key elements, and accessibility standards for presenting research. Offers advice on a variety of dissemination products and includes descriptions and examples of several modes of dissemination.
Author(s): Schroeder. S. & Bauman, S.
Organization(s): Rural Health Research Gateway, University of North Dakota Center for Rural Health
Date: 8/2019