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Food Systems Models

The Food System
Source: What is Sustainable Agriculture?, UC Davis Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education Program

The food system in the U.S. is large and complex, with many different stakeholders. While other models target one or two sectors or components of the food system, such as production or processing, this model takes a whole-system approach to food access problems. Food access issues are not normally limited to one section of the food system, and if only one part of the system is addressed, food access problems may persist. By including voices from all parts of the food system, this model addresses problems in a holistic manner.

Food systems models include:

Resources to Learn More

Making Food Systems Part of Your Community Health Needs Assessment: Practical Guidance from the Tackling Hunger Project
Guide to help tax-exempt hospitals incorporate food system evaluation and planning in their Community Health Needs Assessments (CHNAs).
Organization(s): Public Health Institute, Nutrition and Obesity Policy Research Evaluation Network, CDC Foundation
Date: 4/2016