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Rural Health Information Hub

The Community Caring Collaborative

  • Program Representative Interviewed: Charley Martin-Berry, Executive Director
  • Location: East Machias, Maine
  • Program Overview: The Community Caring Collaborative (CCC) was developed in 2007 with 2 goals: addressing health challenges that children and young families face, and regular meetings aimed at increasing access to existing resources for participants. CCC aims to support and foster collaboration in the community as a way to build capacity and improve health and well-being for residents. To address SDOH, CCC is committed to removing barriers and building family assets in an effort to increase opportunities for people in the community. To help agency partners that are working with children and families, CCC provides access to flexible funds to help reduce barriers that clients face. Barrier removal may include basic tasks such as fixing a participant's car so that they can drive to a class. CCC also provides training and technical assistance for partners to increase understanding about the impacts of SDOH. Finally, the CCC incubates programs by helping to build a responsive design to an issue, and assembling the right partners to build out and sustain the program.

    Two CCC-incubated programs include Family Futures Downeast and the Bridging Program. Family Futures Downeast is an intensive one-year program that uses a two-generation approach. The program provides educational and employment experiences to parents with young children while simultaneously offering programming for the children. The Bridging Program uses a promising approach that connects an Infant Family Support Specialist with high-risk pregnant women and families who have children with high needs. CCC also tailored the evidence-based Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation model for a rural setting in a program called Early Childhood Consultation and Outreach (ECCO).

Models represented by this program: