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Rural Health Information Hub

Rural Economic Assistance League, Inc. (REAL Inc.)

  • Program Representative Interviewed: Martín Ornelas, Director
  • Location: Alice, Texas
  • Program Overview: Rural Economic Assistance League, Inc. (REAL Inc.) is a health and human services nonprofit serving the area between San Antonio, Texas and the U.S.-Mexico border. REAL Inc. aims to support the communities it serves by providing adult day care; home healthcare; subsidized housing; and public transportation to the elderly, persons with disabilities, and families residing in its service area. REAL operates 8 housing facilities and 5 adult day activity care centers.

    REAL Inc. is implementing a program using an integrated behavioral health model called the Transportation for Rural Integrated Health Partnership (TRIP). This program is funded through the Methodist Healthcare Ministries' Sí Texas: Social Innovation for a Healthy South Texas project. The program addresses the critical need for transportation access in the region for rural residents with severe mental illness. It is improving health outcomes and well-being for this population, as well as reducing no-show medical appointment rates. The TRIP program provides transportation to health and wellness appointments, programming focused on improving health literacy, and also provides social support to participants.

Models represented by this program: