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Rural Health Information Hub

Health Services that May Need to be Integrated

There are many approaches for categorizing rural health programs and services for services integration program. Program type, service type, and issue type are just a few ways to categorize health services. These are not mutually exclusive aspects, but should each be considered for ways they can feed into integrated service delivery:

  • Health Insurance Programs
    Learn about federal and state programs to assist eligible families or individuals in identifying and obtaining health insurance.
  • Federal Health Programs
    A range of federal programs, focusing on topics such as mental health, family planning, and screening, can help meet the needs of eligible children and families.
  • Other Health Services
    While services vary by state and locality, other health service programs, such as public health, may be available in rural communities.
  • Focus on Health Issues
    Rural populations experience health disparities in specific areas, and looking at evidence-based approaches to address these issues can be fruitful in considering what health services to include.