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Rural Health Information Hub

Community Health Workers Model

Community health workers (CHWs) can help coordinate or manage healthcare for individuals with complex health conditions. They serve as a connection between the target population and health, human, and social services organizations. They also provide healthcare information and education, navigation, transportation coordination, and appointment scheduling and reminders. The Rural Community Health Workers Toolkit provides additional information about the CHW Care Coordinator/Case Manager Model.

Some rural communities use promotoras, CHWs who are community members that share many social, cultural, and economic characteristics with the target population. Promotoras are often used in rural communities to improve the health of migrant and seasonal farm workers and their families. The Rural Health Information Hub Rural Migrant Health page has more information about migrant and seasonal farmworkers and healthcare resources.

Examples of Rural Community Health Worker Programs

  • The Bi-State Primary Care Association partnered with the University of Vermont Extension and the Open Door Clinic to create the Bridges to Health program. The program aims to decrease barriers to care faced by migrant farmworkers by using care coordinators and promotoras to connect them to health services. Promotoras provide the following services: transportation and translation, appointment scheduling, education on available healthcare services, and feedback to rural healthcare providers on improving cultural competency and access.
  • Other Community Health Worker Programs can be found in the Rural Health Information Hub Rural Community Health Workers Toolkit - Program Clearinghouse.

Resources to Learn More

Improving Access of Low-Income Immigrant Families to Health and Human Services: The Role of Community Based Organizations
This research brief describes the data on poverty rates for families who receive SNAP and TANF benefits and findings that the families of children with foreign-born parents are more likely to have low income but less likely to be enrolled in public benefit programs.
Author(s): Chaudry, A., Fortuny, K., & Pedroza, J.
Organization(s): Urban Institute
Date: 11/2014

Key Resources for Migrant Health
A collection of resources and links from the Farmworker Health Network (FHN) including resources for migrant health centers, promotoras de salud implementation guide and evaluation toolkit, and continuity of care for mobile patients.
Organization(s): Farmworker Health Network (FHN)

Migrant Clinicians Network
MCN engages in research, develops appropriate resources, advocates for migrants and clinicians, engages outside partners, and runs programs that support clinical care on the frontline of migrant health.
Organization(s): Migrant Clinicians Network