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Rural Health Information Hub

Giles Free Clinic

  • Project Title: Giles Health Network G-SMILE Program: A Rural Oral Health Initiative
  • Grant Period: 5/1/14 – 4/30/17
  • Program Representative Interviewed: Amy Forsyth-Stephens, Evaluator
  • Location: Pearisburg, Virginia
  • Program Overview: The Giles County Health Network (G-NET) is a mature vertical health network serving Giles County in Southwest Virginia. The G-SMILE Program expands the scope of G-NET by adding a much-needed oral health initiative. G-SMILE promotes the integration of dental and medical care by co-locating a dental and medical care clinic. This program also promotes community collaborations to educate and engage individuals in the dental care pipeline. G-NET provides all member organizations with annual Appalachian cultural competency trainings to ensure patients are engaged and highly satisfied.

Models represented by this program: