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Rural Health Information Hub

Lake County Tribal Health Consortium, Inc.

  • Project Title: 4P's Plus Pregnancy Support Project
  • Grant Period: 05/01/2012 - 04/30/2015
  • Program Representative Interviewed: Merrill Featherstone, Human Services Director
  • Location: Lakeport, CA
  • Program Overview: The 4P's Plus Pregnancy Support Project seeks to decrease substance use among pregnant Native American women and increase the number of newborns born unexposed to substances. The Lake County Tribal Health Medical Clinic screens all pregnant and parenting women for depression, domestic violence, and current substance use. Staff members refer women with positive screens or other identified needs to the co-located Human Services department, which connects patients to behavioral healthcare and a range of supportive programs. The Lake County Tribal Health Consortium also manages a Tribal Preschool where children receive school-readiness services and parents can participate in several parenting and support programs, including a substance use recovery group.

Models represented by this program: