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Rural Health Information Hub

Mariposa Community Health Center

  • Project Title: Santa Cruz County Adolescent Wellness Network
  • Grant Period: 05/01/2014 - 04/30/2017
  • Program Representative Interviewed: Cassalyn David, Network Director
  • Location: Nogales, AZ
  • Program Overview: The Santa Cruz County Adolescent Wellness Network (AWN) is a network of agencies that was formed in 2007 with the mission to promote and improve adolescent wellness services through collaboration, education, and advocacy. The AWN has developed a school-linked health program to increase access to care for students in kindergarten through 12th grade in their rural U.S.-Mexico Border community. Services include referrals to a primary care provider, education and case management provided by community health workers, and trainings for teachers and school administration. Program staff expects that integration of school and social services for students and their families will better address adolescent health disparities and improve attendance for county students.

Models represented by this program: