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Rural Health Information Hub

Dissemination Methods

Once the dissemination audience for rural substance use disorder (SUD) programs is identified, there are a variety of ways to share the content. Common dissemination methods and formats include print or digital media, mass media, and meetings and conferences.

Print or Digital Media

  • Monthly, quarterly, and annual reports
  • Newsletters
  • Fact sheets, infographics, posters, and flyers
  • Project or evaluation manuals with detailed information other communities can use to replicate the program
  • Webinars
  • Video
  • Social media (such as Facebook, Instagram, or X)
  • Websites (for example, local task force and consortium websites)

Mass Media

Meetings and Conferences

Resources to Learn More

Focus on Prevention: Strategies and Programs to Prevent Substance Use
Assists communities in a variety of settings with planning and implementing substance use prevention strategies. Covers the importance of forming partnerships, establishing a target audience, conducting needs assessment, engaging in social marketing, and using media and social media.
Organization(s): U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration
Date: 3/2017

Rural Communities in Crisis: Strategies to Address the Opioid Crisis
Describes the importance of disseminating rural relevant evidence-based practices to rural communities. Suggests engaging State Rural Health Associations (SRHAs) and State Offices of Rural Health (SORHs) to aid in dissemination efforts.
Author(s): Gale, J.
Organization(s): National Rural Health Association
Date: 4/2016