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Rural Health Information Hub

Rural Emergency Preparedness and Response – Models and Innovations

These stories feature model programs and successful rural projects that can serve as a source of ideas and provide lessons others have learned. Some of the projects or programs may no longer be active. Read about the criteria and evidence-base for programs included.

Other Project Examples

Community Collaboration Adaptation of COPEWELL with Rural Texas Libraries

Added March 2024

  • Need: To help rural communities in Texas better prepare for disasters and emergency events.
  • Intervention: A year-long pilot project used focus groups, a survey, and exit interviews to research a collaboration with librarians and diverse stakeholders to discuss a community's strengths and opportunities for resiliency planning.
  • Results: Community stakeholders in Pottsboro and Gladewater collaborated to identify challenges to rural disaster preparedness like aging infrastructure and lack of communication with residents. They began the process to address these challenges through local resiliency planning and future programming.

Shawnee Preparedness and Response Coalition

Updated/reviewed August 2023

  • Need: To help rural areas access trainings, exercises, and information to improve their emergency preparedness.
  • Intervention: SPARC is a network of 187 organizations in southern Illinois focused on emergency preparedness.
  • Results: During the pandemic response, SPARC and the Illinois National Guard set up 164 individual Pop-up Vaccination Clinics and vaccinated over 11,000 patients.

Last Updated: 3/12/2024