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Rural Health Information Hub

RHIhub Data Visualization Help

RHIhub offers interactive maps, charts, and graphs in the Chart Gallery and throughout the site, as well as a Rural Data Explorer with additional features. Learn how to use these data visualizations:

Performs best in currently supported browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge. We recommend you not use Internet Explorer as Microsoft no longer supports or updates it.

Sitewide Features

Icon or Text
Where to Find It
Save Image
Save the image of the map, chart, or graph as a .jpg image file, suitable for including in a presentation or report.
Lower left of visualization
Allows you to share the visualization on Facebook, X, LinkedIn, and via email.
Lower left of visualization
Download Data
Get access to the data behind the visualization in CSV format, which can be used by Excel and similar tools.
Lower left of visualization
View State Visualizations
Select the state from the drop-down menu. Available throughout the Data Explorer and for many charts in the Chart Gallery.
Chart Gallery:
Chart Gallery: Top left of visualization, when available
Data Explorer:
Data Explorer: Top center

Additional Map & Data Explorer Features

Icon or Text
Where to Find It
Showing Nonmetro and Metro Counties
By default, our map visualizations show all counties. Look for these buttons to switch to seeing only Nonmetro or only Metro counties.
Data Explorer: Top Center
All Others: Lower left of visualization
Zoom in/Zoom out
Click on a state to zoom in and access county-level data. To return to the full view of the U.S., click "Back to U.S."
Each state in national map
Back to U.S. in upper left of map
Access County Level Data
Click a state for a detailed view. Then roll over each county to access county-level data.
Individual counties in state detail map
In the Data Explorer, data is listed for all counties in the state under the map. This list can be sorted by county name, metro/nonmetro status, and the related data point.
Data Explorer:
Data Explorer only: full list of county-level data below map
Select Indicator
Data Explorer Only. Use the drop-down menu to select among over 50 indicators related to rural health.
Top left
Select State
Zoom in to a state by selecting it from the drop-down list or clicking on the state.

Use the "Back to U.S." button in the upper left to see the full map.
Top center, or click the state

Back to U.S. in upper left of map
Select Data Year
Data Explorer Only. For some indicators, multiple years of data are available. Select from the drop-down menu to change years.
Top right

Metro-Nonmetro Classification

RHIhub categorizes counties as metropolitan or nonmetropolitan using the Office of Management and Budget metropolitan and micropolitan statistical area delineations. Nonmetro counties include noncore (small rural) and micropolitan (large rural) counties.

Data Sources

RHIhub uses publicly available federal data. Each data visualization includes data source information in the lower left, which includes a link to the data source and the year of the data.