Am I Rural? – Report

Report produced by the Rural Health Information Hub on 02/06/23.

Report Address:
Columbiana County *

Latitude: 40.77216
Longitude: -80.768

Census Tract: 39029951100
(Based on 2019 boundaries)

Columbiana County, OH

* Report is for a specific point in Columbiana County. Results may not be the same for all points in Columbiana County.

Common Rural Definitions
How Your Location is Defined
Census 2010, Percent Rural Information for Columbiana County
  • Percent of County Population that is Rural: 43.86
Core Based Statistical Areas (CBSAs)
  • CBSA Type: Micropolitan
  • CBSA Name: Salem, OH Micro Area
  • CBSA ID: 41400
Federal Office of Rural Health Policy (FORHP) defined rural areas Columbiana County, OH has been designated by FORHP as rural.
Frontier and Remote Area (FAR) 2010 Not located in a Frontier and/or Remote area.
Rural Urban Commuting Areas (RUCAs) by census tract
  • RUCA Code: 7.0
  • Primary Description: Small town core: primary flow within an Urban Cluster of 2,500 through 9,999 (small UC)
Rural Urban Continuum Codes (RUCCs) RUCCs are assigned at the county level.

Information for Columbiana County

  • RUCC Code: 4
  • RUCC Description: Nonmetro - Urban population of 20,000 or more, adjacent to a metro area
Urban Influence Codes (UICs) 2013 Information for Columbiana County
  • Urban Influence Code: 3
  • UIC Description: Micropolitan adjacent to a large metro area
Urbanized Areas / Urban Clusters Considered urban - located within an Urbanized Area or Urban Cluster.
  • Urbanized Area/Cluster Name: Lisbon, OH Urban Cluster
  • UA/UC Number: 50176
Note: 2020 Urban Areas are available in list format from the U.S. Census Bureau, but mapping/shape files are not yet available for inclusion here.
Program Eligibility
The information provided by this service addresses only the rural aspect of a program's requirements. Your Am I Rural? report is not a guarantee of your rural status. Please check with the program contacts directly to verify your eligibility for specific federal programs.
Program Rural?
CMS - Rural Health Clinics (RHC) Program YES The Rural Health Clinics Program requires that your location be outside an Urbanized Area as defined by the U.S. Census. (Please note there are additional location requirements for RHCs.)

This location is not in an Urbanized Area.
FORHP - Grant Programs YES This location is eligible for Federal Office of Rural Health Policy grant programs.

Columbiana County, OH has been designated by FORHP as rural. (For FY22 grant cycle)
Shortage Designations

For data sources and definitions, see the Rural Classifications help section.