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Rural Health Information Hub

Ideas for Organization - RHIhub Connections

The Rural Health Information Hub collaborates with many organizations around the country to ensure that the latest information is available to help support healthcare and population health in rural communities.

Here are some ways that your organization can work with RHIhub to get your organization's information to a wider audience and ensure that your members and stakeholders are aware of the information resources that are available through RHIhub.

Please contact us at or 1-800-270-1898 to follow up on any of these ideas and recommend other ways to collaborate.

Share Your Work

Tell us about your activities and products. We want to help you share your:

  • Upcoming conferences and webinars
  • Grant announcements and other opportunities
  • Reports and publications
  • Press releases

Help us link to your site. Tell us about specific pages/resources/websites that would be a good fit for an RHIhub guide or resource list.

Do you have other ideas of how we can let people know what you're doing? Please let us know!

Share Your Expertise

Assist RHIhub in developing Topic Guides in your areas of expertise.

Let us know if there are topics where you can serve as a resource in answering questions to RHIhub's Resource & Referral Service.

Help RHIhub's information specialists and other staff learn about key rural issues, so they can pass on that information to others.

Share the Good Work of Others

Tell us about models and innovative programs underway in your area, so rural communities can learn from what others have done.

Recommend article ideas for the Rural Monitor.

Share RHIhub's Free Resources

Tell your audience about RHIhub's free, federally funded services:

  • Connect with us on LinkedIn, X, and Facebook. Your likes, follows, favorites, and retweets help us reach a larger audience.
  • Link to RHIhub on your organization's website. We also welcome links to specific RHIhub pages, like State and Topic Guides, Rural Monitor articles, evidence-based toolkits and other RHIhub resources.
  • Invite RHIhub representatives to participate in meetings, conferences, and webinars.
  • Include articles about RHIhub in your newsletter and other publications.
  • Share RHIhub brochures and other promotional materials at conferences and by mail.

Help Improve RHIhub

Send us ideas and feedback about RHIhub products and services. How can we better help meet the needs of rural stakeholders?