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News by Topic: Cancer

May 24, 2024 - Describes the launch of an HPV testing program and anticipated impacts on rural Alaskans. Highlights the relationship between HPV and cervical cancer, and high rates of cervical cancer among Alaska Native and American Indian women. Discusses how self-collecting for HPV tests can decrease barriers for rural populations.
Source: Alaska Public Media, PBS, NPR
May 22, 2024 - A new cancer treatment clinic has opened in West Virginia. The clinic will serve 10 counties in the region and aims to reduce the travel previously required to access cancer care.
Source: WVNS
May 6, 2024 - Announces a new regional cancer center focusing on increasing cancer care access in rural Kentucky. The facility will include space for direct patient care, education, training, and research. It is expected to open in 2026.
Source: Spectrum News 1
Apr 25, 2024 - Announces the expansion of a cancer care program for veterans. Program clinicians improve access to cancer care by traveling to outpatient clinics in rural and other places. Expansion of the program is expected to bring cancer care to 9,000 additional veterans.
Source: VA News
Apr 3, 2024 - Highlights a Virginia initiative to increase access to clinical trials, cancer screenings, and specialty cancer care for rural residents. Discusses current access challenges such as distance, transportation, and socioeconomic barriers.
Source: WTOP News