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News by Topic: Closures of healthcare facilities and services

Sep 13, 2022 - Highlights trends in rural pharmacy closures and the impacts of closures on rural communities, including access to health services and medication. Breaks down differences in pharmacy closures for rural and urban areas, and notes financial challenges contributing to closures.
Source: The Daily Yonder
Sep 10, 2022 - Describes challenges to rural healthcare and innovative responses, including collaboration with community health workers and investment in telehealth. Notes ongoing financial and workforce challenges, health disparities among rural populations, and widespread rural hospital closures over the last decade.
Source: Missouri Farmer Today
Aug 15, 2022 - Highlights research from a Montana sociologist that investigates maternal healthcare access in the state, finding that about half of Montana counties are maternity care deserts or lack a hospital obstetrics unit. Notes disparities in maternal and infant mortality and morbidity for Native American mothers, and describes solutions that aim to increase access through telehealth-based training.
Source: The Daily Yonder
Aug 5, 2022 - Describes the maternal health and childbirth-related challenges facing rural communities in Nebraska, highlighting a family that experienced a roadside birth when they could not reach the nearest hospital for delivery. Notes that the state has lost 6 birthing units in rural hospitals that were already 35 miles away from another hospital since 2017, as well as an increase in primary care shortage areas.
Source: Flatwater Free Press
Aug 3, 2022 - Discusses financial challenges facing rural hospitals even after mergers with larger systems, noting potential benefits for rural communities including improved quality of care and access to technology and resources. Highlights rural hospital changes and merger agreements in North Carolina, as well as concerns about the long-term financial outlook of rural hospitals.
Source: North Carolina Health News