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Rural Health
News by Topic: Health workforce supply and demand

Indian Health Service Provider Vacancies a ‘Never-ending Cycle’
Oct 8, 2018 - Discusses a recent Government Accountability Office report examining causes of and potential solutions to high staff vacancy rates at Indian Health Service (IHS) facilities.
Source: High Country News
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UMaine System Launching Effort to Meet Growing Demand for Nurses
Sep 12, 2018 - Details the efforts of the University of Maine to address the state's current and future nursing shortage by addressing the financial burden and providing assistance to nursing students, including those in rural areas.
Source: Portland Press Herald
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Nurse Practitioners and Country Living
Sep 11, 2018 - Details the results of a study looking at trends of nurse practitioners who practiced in rural and nonrural primary care settings between 2008 and 2016. Results showed that the proportion of nurse practitioners as a percentage of total primary care providers grew in both rural and nonrural areas.
Source: Public Health Post
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The ‘S’ Word: How Suicide Is Devastating Amador County And Rural Communities
Sep 10, 2018 - Explores some of the reasons why Amador county has the highest suicide rate in the state of California, followed closely by a number of other rural counties. Some of the biggest concerns are greater access to firearms, difficulty accessing treatment due to a high demand for behavioral health professionals, and significant stigma that prevents people from talking about, recognizing, and addressing their mental health needs.
Source: Capital Public Radio
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This Social Worker Goes Where Her Clients Are - Even out Behind a Gas Station.
Sep 10, 2018 - Discusses the impact that providing mental healthcare through house calls can have in rural areas and among people with severe mental illnesses, focusing on rural Idaho in particular. There has been a push in the state to make this option more widespread and accessible. Even so, existing providers using this model say they struggle to make ends meet because of the expense, despite how helpful their clients find it.
Source: Idaho Statesman
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Missouri Hospital Association Anticipates Primary Care Physician Shortage In Rural Missouri
Sep 6, 2018 - Radio interview with Mary Beck, the author of a recent report from the Missouri Hospital Association. The report explores projected primary care shortages in rural Missouri. Discussion includes ages of existing primary care providers, primary care facilities closing, efforts within the state to address this issue, and more.
Source: KRCU
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Montana's First Psychiatry Residency Program Aimed at Improving Rural Mental Health Care
Sep 6, 2018 - Discusses the launch of Montana's first psychiatry residency program, which is anticipated to bring trained mental health professionals to rural Eastern Montana. The residency will begin with three students, but each year the program will add three new students for a total of 12 across all four years. Montana has the highest suicide rate in the nation and only 7 psychiatrists for every 100,000 residents.
Source: Billings Gazette
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Residency Programs Help Boost Numbers of Primary Care Physicians in Montana
Sep 2, 2018 - Discusses the great need for physicians in Montana, especially in rural areas, and details residency programs in the state that intentionally admit more rural students and include working in rural areas as part of the residency. 13 Montana counties don't have any physicians, and another eight only have one each.
Source: Billings Gazette
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Community Health Aides: Alaska’s Unique Solution for Rural Health Care
Aug 29, 2018 - Discusses Alaska's Community Health Aide Program which trains people within rural and tribal villages in the state to provide basic care within communities where a doctor may visit only rarely. They can also use telehealth to send tests to bigger health facilities to provide more extensive care. The program has expanded to include behavioral and dental health aides.
Source: Alaska Public Media
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Montana Had the Highest Suicide Rate in the Country. Then Budget Cuts Hit.
Aug 28, 2018 - Discusses the high rates of suicide in Montana and the lack of access to behavioral health professionals throughout the state, but especially in rural and tribal areas. This problem was only exacerbated by budget cuts in 2017, and communities are continuing to feel the impacts of those losses.
Source: NBC News
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