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News by Topic: Mental health

Why Are America's Farmers Killing Themselves in Record Numbers?
Dec 6, 2017 - Discusses the high rates of suicide among people who work in agriculture, focusing on specific people who either committed suicide or dealt with depression, including the author herself, and on Dr. Mike Rosmann, an Iowa farmer, psychologist, and an expert on farmer behavioral health. Touches on contributing factors as well as efforts that have been implemented to combat farmer suicide.
Source: The Guardian
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IHS Announces $3.2 Million in Grants for Zero Suicide Initiative
Dec 4, 2017 - The Indian Health Service (IHS) awarded eight grants in its Zero Suicide Initiative to support projects that implement a comprehensive and culturally informed approach to providing suicide care in the Indian health system. These grants, totaling $400,000 each, were given to three IHS direct service locations and five tribal sites in five states.
Source: Indian Health Service
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Veterans Find Solace In Rural Ohio—Until They Need Health Care
Nov 10, 2017 - Details why some veterans prefer to live in rural areas, especially those who are struggling with post-traumatic stress disorder. Also discusses the challenges faced by veterans who have long distances to travel in order to access healthcare.
Source: WOSU Public Media
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Senior Suicides Spike, Especially for White Men
Oct 20, 2017 - Highlights the high rates of suicide for older white men in North Carolina, especially those over 85, and discusses some of the possible causes, including social isolation. Also explores a program built to reduce that isolation in one rural community and links to a depression management program for seniors.
Source: North Carolina Health News
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The Health Wagon: A Telehealth Resource in a Rural Wilderness
Oct 18, 2017 - Highlights The Health Wagon, a mobile health service that has been serving rural Virginia for more than 30 years. Initially providing care out of the back of a Volkswagen, this service has expanded to providing care using Remote Area Medical vehicles, telehealth, mHealth devices, and drones. The area served has high rates of chronic disease, opioid abuse, and suicide.
Source: mHealthIntelligence
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On Back Roads Of Appalachia’s Coal Country, Mental Health Services Are As Rare As Jobs
Oct 17, 2017 - Highlights the difficulty of accessing mental healthcare in rural West Virginia. Residents are faced with barriers like few providers, long wait times, distance, and limited access to vehicles. With the local economy struggling, common mental health ailments like anxiety and depression can be exacerbated. This is particularly concerning because the region has high suicide rates and because lack of mental healthcare can contribute to other health issues.
Source: Kaiser Health News
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