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News by Topic: Networking and collaboration

Apr 18, 2024 - Highlights a program in a rural Nebraska school addressing access to food in the community. A partnership between the school and the village offers a non-profit grocery store that is run by the students and managed by the business teacher.
Source: News Channel Nebraska
Apr 17, 2024 - A rural pediatric partnership is expanding into new areas in rural Georgia. The initiative equips rural hospitals with the tools, best practices, training, and research to offer quality healthcare in rural areas, aiding residents who would otherwise have to travel for specialty care. Initiative offers support for emergency department care, pediatrician and telehealthcare, and behavioral and mental health assessments and interventions. The program also offers scholarships for students who commit to working in rural communities.
Source: The Den
Apr 16, 2024 - A new partnership between 2 rural Iowa communities and the Iowa Rural Vitality Coalition aims to improve quality of life and health for residents. The project will guide the rural towns through a evaluation and planning framework to identify assets and deficiencies, develop baseline data, and identify solutions for improving those metrics.
Apr 10, 2024 - Highlights efforts to reduce maternal mortality in Kentucky by identifying contributing factors and implement best practices in those areas through the Kentucky Maternal Morbidity and Mortality (KyMMM) Task Force. Notes that rural residents and other groups have disparate rates of mortality. In addition to this program, the Perinatal Community Health Worker Program has been established to connect pregnant and postpartum people with culturally relevant services. Offers contact information to learn more about the programs or to explore joining the KyMMM Task Force.
Source: UK Now
Apr 7, 2024 - Announces the Tribal Environmental Impact Network (TEIN), a cohort of professionals interested in environmental issues in tribal communities. Areas include environmental health, climate, emergency response, transportation, and more. TEIN will offer technical assistance in accessing funding opportunities. Includes an interest form for experts interested in participating.
Source: National Indian Health Board
Apr 4, 2024 - Highlights Montana's Digital Opportunity Plan that aims to close digital gaps for rural residents, older adults, veterans, tribal members, and more. Discusses funding needs and collaboration with healthcare providers and community organizations.
Source: KTVH
Mar 26, 2024 - Announces an upcoming virtual workshop on using collaboration and partnerships for growing the health workforce. The workshop is scheduled for April 16, 2024.
Source: Bureau of Health Workforce, Health Resources and Services Administration
Mar 19, 2024 - A partnership between a health system and Community Health Center in Virginia will distribute colorectal cancer screening test kits to patients that are primarily rural and uninsured. Half of their patients are not up-to-date on colorectal cancer screening.
Source: CBS19 News
Mar 5, 2024 - Highlights a peer group program for rural Colorado veterans with chronic pain. The program uses human connection for chronic pain treatment and increasing healthcare access. Discusses recent program expansion and offers success stories.
Source: Veterans Administration
Mar 1, 2024 - Highlights efforts to increase colon cancer screening rates in Texas through a network of universities, healthcare facilities, and insurers. Discusses rising rates of cancer and disparities for specific races and ethnicities. Notes rural-specific needs.
Source: KERA News