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Rural Health
News by Topic: Sexual and reproductive health

How a Rural Region in the South Cut Its Infant Mortality Rate in Half
Sep 1, 2018 - Details the efforts of a specific region of the Louisiana Office of Public Health to reduce infant mortality rates. Using grant funding, this region provided a public health nurse for every parish to counsel women on reproductive health needs. They also worked to make long-term reversible contraception options more accessible. In just two years, the infant mortality rate in the county was cut in half.
Source: Governing
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The Age That Women Have Babies: How a Gap Divides America
Aug 4, 2018 - National Center for Health Statistics data from the last four decades reveals that the age at which women become first time mothers varies significantly by geography, education, and economic status. Includes an interactive tool for comparing average age of first birth at the county level.
Source: The New York Times
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