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News by Topic: Uninsured and underinsured

May 29, 2024 - Highlights new research which found lower mammography rates among women in rural Texas. Notes particularly low rates among Hispanic and Black women. Explores possible contributing factors including rural hospital closures and lack of health insurance.
Source: Medical Xpress
May 17, 2024 - An analysis by the Georgetown University Center for Children and Families showed that Alaska, Arkansas, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, New Hampshire, South Dakota, and Utah had fewer children enrolled in Medicaid at the end 2023 than before the pandemic. States with the largest drops in coverage have large rural areas, where clinician shortages, long drives to care, and poorer health outcomes are common.
Source: Stateline
May 2, 2024 - Examines likelihood of additional bird flu spread among agricultural workers and the general public. Discusses barriers to increased testing among agricultural workers, including lack of health insurance and immigration status.
Source: NPR