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The Rural Health Public-Private Partnership (RHPPP)

In 2012, the Federal Office of Rural Health Policy (FORHP) collaborated with Grantmakers In Health (GIH) and the National Rural Health Association (NRHA) to convene public and private foundations, researchers, and policy makers to discuss federal programs and foundation-led healthcare initiatives in rural areas. Since its inception, the annual Public-Private Collaborations in Rural Health meeting has presented an opportunity for these groups to connect with one another, share ideas, and discuss how combined efforts might produce better health outcomes for rural communities. Currently there are nearly 70 foundations and trusts active in the Rural Health Public-Private Partnership (RHPPP) each year.

A June 2015 Rural Monitor article, Government and Philanthropies Join Forces for Rural Health, shares the partnership’s history and highlights the group’s third annual meeting.

Sharing Innovative Funding Approaches

FORHP is working to help foundations share the rural funding efforts they have underway so RHPPP members and other philanthropies can learn from each other. As part of this process, FORHP works with RHIhub to develop feature stories and case studies that highlight the people involved and the innovative approaches they are developing.

Partnership Impacts

Some results made possible through the partnership include:

  • Aligned Funding on Care Coordination
    The Rural Health Care Coordination Network Partnership Program (RHCCNP) grew out of discussion at the first RHPPP annual meeting. It is a collaboration of FORHP and philanthropies where FORHP is the primary funder, with the participating philanthropies providing additional funds and resources, such as technical support and training. Two of the philanthropy partners involved in this program and the grantees they support are featured in the May 2017 Rural Monitor article, Rural Health Philanthropy Partnership: Leveraging Public-Private Funds to Improve Health, and in this brief video:

  • New Opioid Program Development
    FORHP solicited feedback from a wide range of agencies and organizations, including members of the RHPPP, for a new program to address the opioid epidemic. That input was invaluable and helped inform FORHP’s first round of funding of the Rural Health Opioid Program (RHOP).

RHPPP Meeting Agendas