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Rural Project Examples: Self-sufficiency

Effective Examples

Medical-Legal Partnership of Southern Illinois
Added October 2016
  • Need: Legal barriers often prevent economically disadvantaged people in Southern Illinois from obtaining positive health outcomes despite receiving medical care.
  • Intervention: The Medical-Legal Partnership of Southern Illinois (MLPSI) was formed to create a system where medical providers can refer patients in need of legal assistance to local attorneys.
  • Results: Over 2,500 patients have utilized MLPSI since its founding in 2002. The program has relieved over $8.1 million in medical debt for both hospitals and patients.

Other Project Examples

Taos First Steps Program
Updated/reviewed March 2018
  • Need: Support for families that promotes early childhood development and the parent-child relationship.
  • Intervention: Home visits which provide information, support, and access to early childhood resources and tools for building relationships.
  • Results: Easily replicable program, even for rural areas, that result in growth in knowledge and self-sufficiency for families as they provide for and understand their child's earliest years.
Youth Emergency Services, Inc. Independent and Transitional Living Programs
Updated/reviewed June 2017
  • Need: Adolescents leaving foster care or other unsafe living situations need extra assistance, but they are often left without any kind of family or support system. As a result, they are at a greater risk for homelessness, unemployment, and entering the criminal justice system.
  • Intervention: The Youth Emergency Services, Inc. Independent and Transitional Living programs assist at-risk adolescents and young adults with housing, education, and development of life skills.
  • Results: These two programs help young people under the age of 22 find secure, affordable housing; graduate from high school; obtain employment; and gain skills to live sustainable and constructive lives.