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CDC WONDER Underlying Cause of Death with US-Mexico Border Regions, 1999-2018

Provides access to mortality and population data for the U.S.-Mexico border region. Offers data on the number of deaths, crude and age-adjusted death rates, and demographics for different causes of death. Cause of death data available for ICD-10 codes, drug/alcohol induced causes, and injury intent and mechanism. In addition to viewing data for the border region, border states, and border counties, results can also focus on the level of urbanization for metropolitan, micropolitan, and noncore areas.
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
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Abuse and violence · Alcohol use · County-by-county data · Health conditions · Health disparities · Illicit drug use · Mortality · Rural-urban differences · Statistics and data · Substance use and misuse · Suicide and suicide prevention · U.S.-Mexico Border Region · Arizona · California · New Mexico · Texas