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Behavioral and Subjective Health Changes in US and Mexico Border Residing Participants in Two Promotora-led Chronic Disease Prevention Interventions

Study of two community health worker (CHW) chronic disease prevention programs serving Mexico-born residents of the U.S-Mexico border region: one in a rural Arizona community and one in an urban community in Sonora, Mexico. Discusses challenges related to healthy diet, physical activity, and social support as risk factors for obesity and diabetes. Analyzes data from self-report assessments to evaluate behavioral and subjective health improvements over 6 months of the intervention programs.
S C Carvajal, S Huang, M L Bell, et al.
Health Education Research, 33(6), 522-534
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Community health workers · Diabetes · Hispanic or Latino · Obesity and weight control · Rural-urban differences · Statistics and data · U.S.-Mexico Border Region · Wellness, health promotion, and disease prevention · Arizona