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Feasibility Test of a Community-Relevant Intervention Designed to Promote African American Participation in Translational, Breast Cancer Disparities Research: Know about Health Options for Women (Know HOW)

Explores two strategies for increasing breast cancer research participation among African American women: a comprehensive and focused outreach program with different levels and methods of engagement and information dissemination. Describes a study of the programs in the rural Lower Mississippi River Delta region of Arkansas, including different rates of participation for each outreach program. Discusses breast cancer health disparities for African American women and the importance of new research methods.
Karen H. Kim Yeary, Page Moore, Jerome Turner, et al.
Journal of Cancer Education, 33, 29-36
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Black or African American · Cancer · Delta Region · Health disparities · Health screening · Research methods and resources · Statistics and data · Wellness, health promotion, and disease prevention · Women · Arkansas