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Organizational Readiness to Implement System Changes in an Alaskan Tribal Dental Care Organization

Study of an Alaska tribal dental care organization's readiness for system-level changes based on surveys of dental providers, assistants, and support staff employed by the organization at 15 clinics in remote villages and 3 main dental clinics located in cities. Discusses perceptions of staff regarding workforce issues and support for change related to policies and evidence-based practices. Scores each area of readiness for change based on survey data, including organizational functioning, resources, and management.
C.L. Randall, K. Hort, C.E. Huebner, et al.
Journal of Clinical and Translational Research, 5(2), 156-165
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American Indian or Alaska Native · Dental workforce · Frontier and remote areas · Oral health · Planning and strategy methods and resources · Policy · Rural-urban differences · Statistics and data · Alaska