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Medical School Impact on the Primary Care Physician Shortage in Pennsylvania: Staff Study

Describes training required to become a physician in Pennsylvania and examines issues contributing to primary care physician shortages, including student debt burden, burnout, and low investment in primary care. Features information on primary care initiatives from Pennsylvania's medical schools, including health workforce pipeline programs, and statistics including average number of graduates matching into primary care specialties from each institution, estimates of how many graduates intend to specialize in primary care, and how many are retained by the state. Mentions rural throughout.
Bryan W. DeWalt, Stephen J. Kramer, Wendy L. Baker
Joint State Government Commission, General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
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Graduate medical education · Health workforce pipeline · Health workforce supply and demand · Loans, loan repayment, and loan forgiveness for health careers · Primary care · Recruitment and retention of health professionals · Statistics and data · Pennsylvania