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Rural-Urban Differences in Social and Emotional Protective Factors and Their Association with Child Health and Flourishing

Examines differences in childhood protective factors in rural and urban communities that correlate with childhood health and wellness. Utilizes 2018-2021 data from the National Survey of Children's Health to analyze protective factors such as caregiver emotional and social support, caregiver mental and physical health, family resilience and connectedness, neighborhood and school safety, and more. Includes rural versus urban comparisons with data further broken down by race/ethnicity, sex, age, health status, and marriage status of caregiver.
Rose Y. Hardy, Samantha J. Boch, Mattina A. Davenport, Laura J. Chavez, Kelly J. Kelleher
Journal of Rural Health, 40(2), 314-325
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Children and youth · Families · Mental health · Rural-urban differences · Schools · Social connectedness · Social determinants of health · Statistics and data · Wellness, health promotion, and disease prevention