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Improving Access to Primary Care for Underserved Populations: A Review of Findings from Five Case Studies and Recommendations

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Summarizes and synthesizes the findings from a series of five case studies that explored the impact of policy initiatives that aim to improve access to primary care. Covers increasing the availability of primary care providers, improving underserved communities' access to outpatient clinics, removing structural barriers to care, making primary care affordable, and improving comfort and communication between providers and patients. Presents recommendations for federal and state policymakers, primary care practices, medical schools, and other relevant stakeholders. Includes rural examples and considerations throughout.
Maanasa Kona, Jalisa Clark, Emma Walsh-Alker
Center on Health Insurance Reforms, Milbank Memorial Fund, National Institute for Health Care Reform
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Community health workers · Culture and cultural competency · Federally Qualified Health Centers · Financial aid for health career education · Graduate medical education · Health insurance · Health workforce education and training · Medicaid · Policy · Primary care · Reimbursement and payment models · Schools · Service delivery models · Arkansas · Maryland · Michigan · New Mexico · West Virginia

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