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Identifying Strategies for Strengthening the Health Care Workforce in the Commonwealth of Virginia

Provides an overview of recent trends in the shortage of the nursing, primary care, and behavioral healthcare workforce in Virginia. Summarizes findings from an environmental scan and qualitative and quantitative data analysis regarding recruitment and retention strategies. Identifies interventions that could help the Virginia Health Workforce Development Authority (VHWDA) successfully address workforce shortages and which interventions should be prioritized based on desired policy outcomes. Presents a system dynamic model simulating the medium- to long-term supply and employment trends within Virginia's healthcare workforce under status quo conditions and under various policy interventions. Includes information on recruitment and retention in rural areas throughout.
Megan Andrew, Brian Briscombe, Raffaele Vardavas, et al.
RAND Corporation
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Behavioral health workforce · Health workforce · Health workforce education and training · Health workforce pipeline · Health workforce supply and demand · Licensure and certification of health professionals · Loans, loan repayment, and loan forgiveness for health careers · Nurses · Policy · Recruitment and retention of health professionals · Technology for health and human services · Virginia

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