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Critical Access Hospital-Local Health Department Partnerships to Address Rural Community Needs

Explores Critical Access Hospital (CAH) involvement in collaborative community health networks that include local public health departments (LHDs), other healthcare organizations, social service agencies, and other community organizations. Uses survey data from the American Hospital Association (AHA) to describe the collaborative partnerships CAHs are engaged in, the organizations with which they partner, and the activities these partnerships undertake. Presents findings from qualitative interviews with four pairs of CAH and LHD leaders regarding challenges and lessons learned from these local-level collaborations. Identifies three areas of activity - community health needs assessments, emergency preparedness planning, and emergent public health crises - that provide an opportunity to encourage collaboration between CAHs and LHDs and address priority needs
Zachariah Croll, Celia Jewell, John Gale
Flex Monitoring Team
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Critical Access Hospitals · Emergency preparedness and response · Needs assessment methods and resources · Networking and collaboration · Public health · Statistics and data

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