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Lessons Learned from Efforts to Support Vulnerable Critical Access and Other Rural Hospitals

Provides an overview of state and federal programs, demonstrations, and models designed to support Critical Access Hospitals (CAHs) and other rural hospitals. Describes challenges facing CAHs and rural hospitals, including chronic workforce shortages, high operating and staffing costs, inadequate reimbursement, operational and regulatory issues, and the diverse demographics of rural communities. Discusses lessons learned, the new for a new rural hospital model, and next steps.
John Gale, Celia Jewell, Karen Pearson
Flex Monitoring Team
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Access · Closures of healthcare facilities and services · Critical Access Hospitals · Health disparities · Health workforce supply and demand · Healthcare quality · Hospitals · Medicaid · Medicare · Policy · Reimbursement and payment models · Service delivery models · California · Georgia · Kansas · Maryland · Montana · Pennsylvania · Vermont · Washington

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