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Addressing Adolescent Substance Abuse and Risky Sexual Health Behaviors Via Youth-Led Initiatives: A Review of the Teens Linked to Care Pilot Program

Evaluates the Teens Linked to Care (TLC) pilot program which is meant to reduce substance use and risky sexual health behaviors in high-risk youth, including sexual and gender minority youth (SGMY). Examines the program framework, strategies, and implementation in 2 rural sites and discusses the impact of education, access to care, and supportive environments to promote healthy behaviors. Includes demographic and behavioral health data of participants.
Hailey Bednar, Suzanne McMillan, Turquoise Sidibe, Melissa Bennett
International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 21(3), 252
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Access · Behavioral health · Children and youth · Culture and cultural competency · LGBTQI+ · Sexual and reproductive health · Statistics and data · Substance use and misuse · Wellness, health promotion, and disease prevention