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Rural Health
Resources by Topic: Men

Pesticide Exposure and Risk of Rheumatoid Arthritis among Licensed Male Pesticide Applicators in the Agricultural Health Study
Details a study on the correlation between exposure to pesticides by agricultural applicators and the risk of rheumatoid arthritis (RA). Bases conclusions on questionnaire data from male pesticide applicators in 1993-1997.
Author(s): Armando Meyer, Dale P. Sandler, Laura E. Beane Freeman, Jonathan N. Hofmann, Christine G. Parks
Location: Environmental Health Perspectives, 125(7)
Date: 07/2017
Type: Document
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Online Screening Helps Michigan Men Gauge Mental Health
Features the Healthy Men Michigan campaign, which uses an anonymous online survey to evaluate the risk of depression and suicide among men in the state. Focuses on working-age Michigan men and on reaching those in male-dominated industries, using mental health messaging targeted to this audience.
Author(s): Jenn Lukens
Location: Rural Monitor
Date: 06/2017
Type: Document
Sponsoring organization: Rural Health Information Hub
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Firearm Ownership and Suicide Rates among Us Men and Women, 1981–2013
Examines rates of firearm ownership, and age-adjusted firearm and total suicide rates for men and women in all 50 states from 1981 to 2013.
Author(s): Michael Siegel, Emily F. Rothman
Location: American Journal of Public Health, 106(7), 1316-1322
Date: 07/2016
Type: Journal/Newsletter
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Building Capacity in a Rural North Carolina Community to Address Prostate Health Using a Lay Health Advisor Model
Describes the feasibility of using a lay health advisors (LHAs) model to engage a rural African American community in North Carolina about prostate health. LHAs, also called Ambassadors, work to share information about prostate health and collect survey data. Includes demographic characteristics of the 15 Ambassadors, such as age, gender, education, employment, and previous health education training.
Author(s): Anissa I. Vines, Jaimie C. Hunter, Brandolyn S. White, Alan N. Richmond
Location: Health Promotion Practice, 17(3), 364-372
Date: 05/2016
Type: Document
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A Qualitative Study of Factors Related to Cardiometabolic Risk in Rural Men
A study of men in the western United States and their knowledge of risk factors for higher rates of cardiometabolic disorders. Includes a discussion of individual, social, and community influences on healthy behaviors as well as data and statistics such as demographics, physical activity level, and tobacco use.
Author(s): Emily H. Morgan, Meredith L. Graham, Sara C. Folta, Rebecca A. Seguin
Location: BMC Public Health, 16, 305
Date: 04/2016
Type: Document
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Disclosure of Sexual Orientation and Uptake of HIV Testing and Hepatitis Vaccination for Rural Men Who Have Sex With Men
Examines national survey data of rural men who have sex with men to determine whether disclosing their sexual identity to healthcare providers was associated with an increase in HIV testing and hepatitis vaccinations.
Author(s): Nicholas Metheny, Rob Stephenson
Location: Annals of Family Medicine, 14(2), 155-158
Date: 03/2016
Type: Document
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Associations of Poor Housing with Mental Health Among North Carolina Latino Migrant Farmworkers
Presents a study on the mental health of Latino farmworkers living in grower-owned camps in eastern North Carolina. Analyzes data based on levels of depression, anxiety, and alcohol misuse, as well as by participant and housing characteristics.
Author(s): Dana C. Mora, Sara A. Quandt, Haiying Chen, Thomas A. Arcury
Location: Journal of Agromedicine, 21(4), 327-334
Date: 2016
Type: Document
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Screening for Adverse Childhood Experiences in a Family Medicine Setting: A Feasibility Study
Reports on a study set in 3 rural clinical sites exploring the feasibility of using the Adverse Childhood Experience (ACE) screening model for adults during routine office visits. ACEs are generally accepted as predictors in adult health outcomes.
Author(s): Patricia T. Glowa, Ardis L. Olson, Deborah J. Johnson
Location: Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine, 29(3), 303-307
Date: 2016
Type: Document
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Reducing Concurrent Sexual Partnerships among Blacks in the Rural Southeastern United States: Development of Narrative Messages for a Radio Campaign
Describes the development of gender specific narratives to be used in radio messages to raise awareness and decrease HIV infection transmission in heterosexual, concurrent sexual partnerships among African Americans aged 18-34 in rural southeastern U.s.
Author(s): Joan R. Cates, Diane B. Francis, Catalina Ramirez, et al.
Location: Journal of Community Health, 20(11), 1264-1274
Date: 11/2015
Type: Document
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The Health of Male Agricultural Workers
Provides an overview of the health characteristics of male agricultural workers including occupational health, chronic disease, mental health, and other health related risk factors.
Date: 02/2015
Type: Document
Sponsoring organization: National Center for Farmworker Health
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