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Resources by Topic: Philanthropy

Building Funder Capacity to Work with Communities: A Rural Environmental Justice Case Study
Describes philanthropic and government investment models which facilitate equity, cooperation, environmental health, and community development through partnerships with rural communities and Native nations. Features the Imperial Valley Wellness Foundation in California as well as the EPA National Environmental Justice Advisory Council.
Date: 03/2024
Type: Document
Sponsoring organization: Aspen Institute
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Healthy Places NC: 10 Years That Changed the Way We Work
Reports on 10 years of activities by Healthy Places NC, an initiative focused on health improvement in North Carolina's rural and underserved communities. Discusses planning and implementation, challenges, lessons, case studies, network development and collaboration, and more. Describes the importance of addressing racial, ethnic, and geographic disparities and achieving health equity.
Additional links: Executive Summary, Video: 10 Years of Healthy Places NC
Author(s): Kristen Burwell Naney, Douglas Easterling, Tanya Beer, Mina Silberberg
Date: 2024
Type: Document
Sponsoring organization: Kate B. Reynolds Charitable Trust
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A Guide to Working with Rural Philanthropy
Strategies for rural communities and organizations to help build and sustain partnerships with philanthropies. Includes background information on rural philanthropy and identifies actions and characteristics that may make a program successful in seeking funding from a philanthropy that wants to invest in rural health.
Date: 10/2023
Type: Document
Sponsoring organizations: NORC Walsh Center for Rural Health Analysis, Rural Health Information Hub
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State of American Philanthropy: Giving for Rural Communities
Report offering an overview of rural philanthropy trends, challenges with rural philanthropy, profiles of rural focused funders, and recommendations for philanthropic efforts.
Author(s): Allen Smart
Date: 09/2023
Type: Document
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Four Mindsets for Funding Economic Mobility in the Black Rural South
Highlights opportunities for philanthropy to contribute to economic mobility in the Black rural South, based on conversations with nonprofit leaders, cooperative extension staff at historically Black colleges and universities (HBCUs), funders, researchers, and others. Identifies 4 mindsets that, if changed, could impact the effectiveness and support of existing institutions that are already active in the Black rural South. Features statistics on per capita grantmaking from 2010-2014 with breakdowns including the Alabama Black Belt and Mississippi Delta region, Alabama, Mississippi, and Georgia.
Author(s): Mike Soskis, Angie Estevez Prada, Mark McKeag, Rich Pierre, Cynthia Phoel
Date: 08/2023
Type: Document
Sponsoring organizations: National 4-H Council, The Bridgespan Group
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Supporting Local Multisector Plans for Aging in Rural Communities
Highlights a philanthropic initiative to develop Multisector Plans for Aging (MPAs) covering 7 rural California counties. Discusses community engagement and resources for more learning.
Author(s): Pauline Delange Martinez
Date: 06/2023
Type: Document
Sponsoring organization: American Society on Aging
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Healthcare Georgia Foundation's Journey Toward Equity: Creating a Sustainable Model to Improve Health Outcomes, Economic Access and Opportunity in Rural Communities
Primer for the Two Georgias Initiative, a program dedicated to health equity in rural Georgia. Provides stories and profiles of participants, highlights efforts and successes of coalitions supported by the Initiative in 11 Georgia counties, and discusses the state of rural health in Georgia. Also discusses program development, monitoring, and sustainability.
Date: 05/2023
Type: Document
Sponsoring organization: Georgia Health Initiative
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Mapping a New Terrain: 5 Principles for Equitable Rural Outdoor Recreational Economies
Offers suggestions for rural communities and Native nations looking at ways to improve economic prosperity, and population health and well-being through the development of natural assets and rural outdoor recreation. Topics cover ownership and control of recreation assets, building a resilient infrastructure, coordinating assets and stakeholder engagement, respect for the landscape, people and culture during the development process, and designing for equitable access and participation for all residents. Includes recommendations for community organizations, local government, and philanthropic organizations.
Additional links: Executive Summary
Date: 04/2023
Type: Document
Sponsoring organizations: Aspen Institute, Community Strategies Group
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Addressing Health Inequities in Rural California: An Interview with Roque Barros, Jr.
An interview with Roque Barros, Jr., executive director of the Imperial Valley Wellness Foundation (IVWF). Describes IVWF's work around civic engagement and community building, shares examples of successful rural philanthropy approaches, and discusses how philanthropy can help support rural communities facing health inequities.
Author(s): Joelle Cook, Roque Barros, Jr.
Date: 12/2022
Type: Document
Sponsoring organization: FSG
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Philanthropy, Cross-Collaboration, and the Ecosystem That Is Rural Healthcare Delivery: Q&A with Dr. Shao-Chee Sim
An interview with Shao-Chee Sim, PhD, vice president for research, innovation, and evaluation for the Texas-based Episcopal Health Foundation. Discusses how philanthropic organizations can support community engagement, make research investments, and leverage cross-funder collaboration to impact the rural healthcare delivery system.
Author(s): Kay Miller Temple
Citation: Rural Monitor
Date: 09/2022
Type: Document
Sponsoring organization: Rural Health Information Hub
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