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Rural Health
Resources by Topic: Scope of practice

Rural Curricular Guidelines Based on Practice Scope of Recent Residency Graduates Practicing in Small Communities
Study using data from surveys self-administered between 2007-2014, exploring scope of practice of 586 recent graduates practicing in rural areas. Features statistics on demographics and various types of clinical activities, with breakdowns by small, medium, or large practice community size.
Author(s): Joe M. Skariah, Carl Rasmussen, Joyce Hollander-Rodriguez, et al.
Location: Family Medicine, 49(8), 594-599
Date: 09/2017
Type: Document
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Development and Deployment of Community Health Workers in Delaware
A guide for establishing a Community Health Worker program in the state of Delaware. Includes information about certification requirements and reimbursement mechanisms, along with model programs from other states.
Date: 06/2017
Type: Document
Sponsoring organizations: Delaware Center for Health Innovation, Delaware Health and Social Services
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Projecting Demand for the Services of Primary Care Doctors
Estimates the expected growth in demand for primary care medical services in the U.S. between 2013 and 2023. Projections are based on an analysis of historical trends between 2003 and 2013, and factor in the following variables: population growth, population age, health insurance coverage status, and other sources of growth in volume and intensity. Also examines legislative and non-legislative ways to increase the supply of primary care services, including in rural areas and facilities.
Author(s): Noelia Duchovny, Sam Trachtman, Ellen Werble
Date: 05/2017
Type: Document
Sponsoring organization: Congressional Budget Office
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Dental Therapy Toolkit: A Resource for Potential Employers
A toolkit designed to provide prospective employers of dental therapists a history and understanding of the field and how to implement them into their practices in the state of Minnesota. Includes regulations and scope of practice details, education and training requirements, and examples of successful dental therapy models, among other topics.
Date: 02/2017
Type: Document
Sponsoring organization: Minnesota Department of Health - Office of Rural Health and Primary Care
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Community Health Workers: Recommendations for Bridging Healthcare Gaps in Rural America
Policy brief reviewing research findings on community health worker (CHW) integration, and discussing how CHWs can help bridge healthcare gaps in rural communities. Also reviews various state policies related to CHWs, identifies a number of care settings where CHWs are working in rural areas, and makes policy recommendations to support the continued integration of CHWs into the rural healthcare delivery system.
Author(s): Kailyn Dorhauer Mock, Tracy Morton, Prisci Quijada, Julie St. John
Date: 02/2017
Type: Document
Sponsoring organization: National Rural Health Association
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Maternity Care Services Provided by Family Physicians in Rural Hospitals
Describes current supply of maternal care providers in 437 rural hospitals, including statistics on cesarean delivery rates and provision of services, hospital size, community size, and requirements for procedural privileges.
Author(s): Richard A. Young
Location: Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine, 30(1), 71-77
Date: 2017
Type: Document
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Evaluation of Policy Options for Increasing the Availability of Primary Care Services in Rural Washington State
Analyzes policy options that the Washington state legislature has considered to address a perceived shortage of primary care physicians in rural Washington. Provides background on the rural primary care workforce within the state, and projects the impacts each policy option would have through 2025. Policy options considered include opening a new medical school at Washington State University (WSU), increasing the number of residency positions in the state, increasing loan repayment incentives to encourage rural practice, increasing Medicaid payment rates for rural physicians, and encouraging the use of alternative primary care models.
Additional links: Summary and Key Findings
Author(s): Mark W. Friedberg, Grant R. Martsolf, Chapin White, et al.
Date: 11/2016
Type: Document
Sponsoring organization: RAND Corporation
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Understanding Scope and Competencies: A Contemporary Look at the United States Community Health Worker Field
Reports on the progress of the Community Health Worker Core Consensus Project in developing a national consensus regarding community health worker core roles and competencies for urban, rural, and tribal communities.
Author(s): E. Lee Rosenthal, Carl H. Rush, Caitlin G. Allen
Date: 04/2016
Type: Document
Sponsoring organization: Institute for Health Policy, University of Texas School of Public Health
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Variation in Dental Hygiene Scope of Practice by State
Presents a state-by-state breakdown of allowable tasks to be performed by dental hygienists. Data presented in an infographic detailing the scope of practice in each state.
Additional links: Full Report
Date: 2016
Type: Chart/Graph
Sponsoring organization: Oral Health Workforce Research Center
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Determinants of an Urban Origin Student Choosing Rural Practice: A Scoping Review
An analysis of a comprehensive literature review using Medline and PubMed databases focused on key factors that influence medical students from urban areas in Australia, Canada and the USA to choose careers in rural medicine.
Author(s): Douglas Myhre, Sameer Bajaj, Wesley Jackson
Location: Rural and Remote Health, 15, 3483
Date: 09/2015
Type: Document
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