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The Rural Monitor

A collection of articles that support feature stories in the Rural Monitor.

Using Telehealth to Put Patients at the Center of Healthcare

July 26, 2017
Mario Gutierrez, MPH, Executive Director of the Center for Connected Health Policy's National Telehealth Policy Resource Center, discusses the important role telehealth plays for rural patients in delivering healthcare directly to their homes and communities.

Recognizing Telehealth's Full Potential

July 26, 2017
Kristi Henderson, DNP, CFNP, CACNP, FAEN, Vice President of Innovation and Virtual Care at Ascension's Texas Ministry, outlines three challenges hindering telehealth's growth: outdated reimbursement models, policies and regulations, and the complexity surrounding telehealth integration.

Expecting More Services for Less Compensation

September 7, 2016
Diane Calmus, Government Affairs and Policy Manager at the National Rural Health Association, explores the need for a new hospital model to help rural communities gain and maintain access to emergency medical services.

Being Forward-Thinking as EMS Agencies Plan for the Future

September 7, 2016
Don Wood, Director of the Utah Office of Primary Care and Rural Health and Co-chair of the Joint Committee on Rural EMS Care (JCREC), discusses the effects of hospital closures on rural EMS and the role telehealth might play in the future delivery of emergency care.

Opportunities to Provide Better Healthcare and Better Value

September 7, 2016
Tom Nerhing, Co-chair of the Joint Committee on Rural EMS Care (JCREC) and Division Director at the North Dakota Department of Health, Division of EMS and Trauma, shares how the changes in healthcare delivery can be an opportunity for emergency medical services to provide an even greater service to rural communities.