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The Rural Monitor

In-depth stories examining key rural health issues.

Social Media Savvy

July 22, 2015
By harnessing this impactful form of two-way communication, rural healthcare providers have the opportunity to reach their patients and community in quick, personal, and efficient ways.

Granting Hope

July 8, 2015
Colorado Rural Philanthropy Days summons funders, regional governments, and community leaders to provide a platform for positive change in rural nonprofit organizations.

The Business of Rural Hospital Closures

May 27, 2015
What rural hospitals can do to stay viable in difficult times, with insights from Charles Owens, executive director of the Georgia Department of Community Health, State Office of Rural Health.

Rural Student Profiles

February 26, 2015
Profiles of four students who have completed distance or hybrid education programs with the aim of advancing their careers and better serving their rural communities.