Topics: Health information technology

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An Interview with Leila Samy

Leila Samy

The ONC Rural Health IT Coordinator describes how the hospitalization of her father led her to become an advocate for health IT.

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February 12, 2014

An Interview with Terry Hill

Terry Hill

The Executive Director of the National Rural Health Resource Center talks about health reform challenges for hospitals, starting the Center, staying fit, and getting ready to step down as director.

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August 13, 2013

An Interview with John Supplitt

John Supplitt

The senior director of the Section for Small or Rural Hospitals of the American Hospital Association discusses challenges facing rural hospitals, including workforce and HIT.

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February 22, 2011

An Interview with Kip Smith

Kip Smith

The Executive Director for the Health Information Exchange of Montana talks about making the jump from finance to rural health, working in search and rescue, and laying fiber optic lines across the frontier.

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November 24, 2009