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Illinois Network Puts Hospitals' Needs First

May 31, 2016
Since its start, the Illinois Critical Access Hospital Network has designed services to meet the needs of rural hospitals across the state. Through leveraging FORHP funds and their partnership with the Illinois Department of Public Health, ICAHN has helped 54 hospitals transition from competition to collaboration.

An Interview with Darrold Bertsch

September 2, 2015
The shared CEO of both a North Dakota Critical Access Hospital and a Federally Qualified Health Center discusses how these two essential safety net providers work together to meet the healthcare needs of their rural region.

An Enormous Force for Good in Rural America

July 30, 2015
Thomas Hoyer, a retired senior executive for the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), reflects on what the Medicare and Medicaid programs mean to rural America on the 50th anniversary of these programs.