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Rural Agricultural Health and Safety – Resources

Selected recent or important resources focusing on Rural Agricultural Health and Safety.

The Women Farmer Stress Inventory: Examining Women Farmer Stress in the United States Corn Belt
Explores the causes of stress for women farmers. Discusses sociodemographic and farm-level factors that correlate with, and contribute to, stress. Breaks down data such as farm size and revenue, off-farm work and care labor, and demographic factors such as age, marital status, and education, among others.
Author(s): Carly E. Nichols, Jonathan Davis
Citation: Journal of Rural Health
Date: 11/2023
Type: Document
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Compendium of Measures to Prevent Disease Associated with Animals in Public Settings, 2023
Provides standardized guidelines for public health officials, veterinarians, animal venue operators and exhibitors, farmers, visitors, and those concerned with minimizing health risks from contact with animals. Describes risks from infections such as enteric diseases, rabies, influenza, and others.
Date: 09/2023
Type: Document
Sponsoring organization: National Association of State Public Health Veterinarians Animal Contact Compendium Committee
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Fatal Injuries to Agricultural Workers in 2021 Were the Second Lowest in a Decade
Bar chart showing 2021 data on fatal injuries to agricultural workers. Summary includes types of fatal injuries, race and ethnicity, age, gender, and recent fatal agriculture injury trends.
Date: 08/2023
Type: Chart/Graph
Sponsoring organization: Bureau of Labor Statistics
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Automation, Climate Change, and the Future of Farm Work: Cross-Disciplinary Lessons for Studying Dynamic Changes in Agricultural Health and Safety
Presents a literature review of studies on agricultural health and safety and the future of farm labor. Discusses the role climate change and automation will play in changing the agricultural work environment.
Author(s): Matt Comi, Florence Becot, Casper Bendixsen
Citation: International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 20(6), 4778
Date: 03/2023
Type: Document
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Needs Assessment Survey for Enhancing United States Child Agricultural Injury Prevention Capacity: Brief Report
Highlights a study on the needs and practices of child agricultural injury prevention organizations. Presents the needs, capacity, and mobilization of child agricultural injury organizations based on a survey of the organizations' leadership.
Author(s): Marsha Salzwedel, Bryan P. Weichelt, Rick Burke, Barbara C. Lee
Citation: Frontiers in Public Health, 11
Date: 03/2023
Type: Document
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Outcomes of Farm Compared to Nonfarm Pediatric Injuries: A Propensity-Matched Analysis
Compares the outcomes of pediatric injuries received in farm and non-farm locations. Looks at a number of factors, including length of hospital stay, admission to intensive care unit, and mortality. Breaks down data by sex, race, and pediatric trauma-level designation, among other measures.
Author(s): Michael C. Larkins, Ashish Khanchandani, Dmitry Tumin, et al.
Citation: Journal of Rural Health, 39(2), 383-391
Date: 03/2023
Type: Document
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A Feasibility Study of Augmented Reality Intervention for Safety Education for Farm Parents and Children
Interviewed 10 Maryland farm families to determine the need for and experience using augmented reality (AR) technology for the promotion of safety on the farm for children. Describes the creation of an AR program.
Author(s): Kang Namkoong, John Leach, Junhan Chen, Jiawen Zhang, Bryan Weichelt
Citation: Frontiers in Public Health, 10, 903933
Date: 01/2023
Type: Document
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From Believers to Skeptics: Latent Class Analysis of COVID-19 Protective Practices and Perceptions Among Agricultural Community Members
Highlights a study on the perceptions of the efficacy of COVID-19 protective behaviors among farmers and farmworkers from April to June of 2020. Bases conclusions on the results of a survey on agricultural workers' adherence to, and belief in, COVID-19 protective practices, such as social distancing, wearing a face mask, and handwashing, among others.
Author(s): Josie M. Rudolphi, Courtney Cuthbertson, Amandeep Kaur, Jesus N. Sarol Jr
Citation: Journal of Rural Health, 39(1), 5-17
Date: 12/2022
Type: Document
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Exposed and at Risk – Opportunities to Strengthen Enforcement of Pesticide Regulations for Farmworker Safety
Report details the federal and state regulatory policies on pesticide use for farmworkers. Analyzes barriers to regulatory enforcement and makes recommendations for further protecting farmworkers.
Date: 09/2022
Type: Document
Sponsoring organization: Farmworker Justice Fund, Inc.
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Farm Dinner Theater: Farmers Helping Farmers
Video highlighting a Cooperative Extension-led program where community members take part in dinner theater productions that focus on issues related to farm health.
Date: 07/2022
Type: Video/Multimedia
Sponsoring organization: Rural Health Information Hub
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